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18 Years ago an ocean liner sunk at sea, Lego bricks still washup from the containers today!

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17 Amazing Facts About He-Man (Powered by Grayskull …

In 1982, toy stores began to receive stock for a peculiar new line of action figures. With a hyper-muscular frame nearly as wide as he was tall and crouched in an attack stance, He-Man was a radical departure from the long …



The worlds biggest casino is the 10,500,000 sq ft Venetian Macau

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46 Amazing Facts From Our Instagram Account | Mental Floss

Here’s a freebie fact: mental_floss has an Instagram! You can get mind-blowing facts directly on your feed just by following us. Want a taste of what you’re missing? Check out these 46 facts directly from our account.


Don’t believe in Miracles? this video may change your mind!

10 Amazing Facts About Komodo Dragons | Mental Floss

Apart from being earth’s heaviest lizard, behavior like man-eating and grave-robbing are the Komodo dragon’s biggest claims to fame. But did you know that these guys are also surprisingly intelligent—even playful—creatures …


10 incredible places on this planet that look unbelievable

Amazing facts about the human body (23 Photos) : theCHIVE

Amazing facts about the human body (23 Photos). BY JEFF May 8, 2015 IN: FACTS, MIND BLOWING, RANDOM. ADVERTISEMENT – SCROLL DOWN FOR CONTENT. ADVERTISEMENT – SCROLL DOWN FOR CONTENT. x. Share Image on …


the worlds most expensive residence cost over $1bn as in the middle of a slum in mumbai, it has over 300 full time staff

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10 amazing facts about Big Bird, from his new documentary

Big Bird puppeteer Caroll Spinney talks 46 years on “Sesame Street,” almost joining the Challenger crew, falling into and out of Elmo’s shadow, getting inspiration from Donald Duck, and training the next Big Bird.


Scientists crept up on Penguins when they were sleeping and prodded them with a pencil to see if the sleep deeper during the day

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The most amount of money lost by 1 person is a massive $127,000,000 by a chinese businessman in LAs Vegas. (he is currently suing the casino claiming they kept him drunk during his visits)

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The biggest ever slot jackpot to be won was for an incredible £10,000,000 played on a ‘Mega Fortune’ slot game.





Southampton footballers set new world record for longest match

A new world record for the longest football match has been set at St Mary’s, the home of Southampton FC, after a 102 hour-long charity game. The 36 players, from the Testlands Support Project, a Southampton charity, played on until 00:30 BST on Friday

This working hoverboard has set a world record

Duru broke the Guinness World Record for farthest flight by hoverboard, setting the new distance at 275 meters — some five times greater than the previous record. Filmed at Lake Ouareau, Quebec in August of last year, the …

So what is a miracle? generally speaking a miracle is an event which can’t be explained by sciene or the laws of nature. Many religions use the concept of miracles to base many of their beliefs, yet many of these beliefs can be disproven by science.

The Miracle in the Qaran, for example are present in the intervention of human life. Christianity claim the rising of Christ was a miracle despite their being no evidence of this ever happening. The deeply religious claim no evidence is truly needed if you have faith, while others claim he never really died.



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